Wann Aun TCM Clinic

We will properly diagnose your ailment before recommending the right treatment for you. Call us now, and let us know how we can be of help.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services and treatments provided by Wann Aun TCM Clinic in Woodlands

Wann Aun TCM Clinic services and treatments are categorised into:

  • External Medicine, specialty of TCM Practitioner Kwek Peek Leong
  • Internal Medicine, expertise of TCM Practitioner Liew Kor Siew

What sets us apart from other practices is we do not exactly have an “a la carte” menu to choose from.

We will first diagnose our patient carefully, then recommend the best or best mix of remedy that would cure her of the ailment. This would help our clients save costs by not embarking on unnecessary therapies.

Internal medicine services

  • Treatment of general illnesses
  • Treatment of woman-specific ailments
  • Paediatric treatment
  • Wellness planning and maintenance
  • Herbal medication prescription

External medicine services

  • Treatment of physical injuries and sports injuries
  • Acupuncture
  • Tui na therapy


166 Woodlands Street 13
#01-547 Singapore 730166


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